Drug Menu from Union Tepito

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from:

David García “El Pistache”, 32, identified as the leader of the Tepito Union Cartel and Daniel Eduardo León “El Tiger”, 28, the organization’s financial operator, were detained in an exclusive area of Santa Fe, and according to  Salvador García Soto, author of the column “Serpientes y Escaleras” published in El Universal, was the first to have cried when he was arrested by federal forces.

“El Pistache” controlled the largest organization in Mexico City of drug sales , extortion, human trafficking and ordering the execution of its rivals, but wept when it was arrested, according to the aforementioned column.

Also, the ”drug menu” offered to their clients by the social network of WhatsApp, according to what was found on cell phones of detainees, is offered in detail.

Below we present the list of products and prices managed by the Tepito Union:

Popper boat $ 800

Normal white (cocaine) 1 gram $ 250 4X $ 1,000

White 1 gram $ 800 2X $ 1,500

White Lavender 1 gram $ 1,700

Crack paper $ 150

Tachas Armani $ 150

Molly mdma capsules $ 150

ICE Crystal 1 gram $ 300

Weed (marijuana):

Moon Rock 3 grams $ 700

Medicinal 3 grams $ 700

Chronicle 5 grams $ 150

Skunk 10 grams $ 300

Hydro 1 gram $ 150

Hydro sativa medical 1 gram $ 250

Hashis 1 gram $ 150

Wax 1 gram $ 450

Sheets paper Rolling $ 50

Pipe smoking crack or weed of Onyx Stone $ 100

(Sativa-indica) Porro (Hydro-Sativa and hash) $ 500

LCD Gomitas $ 200

Rivotril 2gr. 1 tablet $ 100

Tafil 2gr Tablet $ 100

Cartridge for pen 1 gram $ 2000

Universal electronic cigar $ 500


NOTE: I am assuming that these prices are in Pesos, nothing says otherwise……..

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